"It's hard to face the truth, with bodies everywhere!"
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Southern Welsh rockers Hangfire serve up a massive slab of blues groove with monsterous power and melody.
Guitarist Lee ‘Lizzy’ Evans is a blind musical virtueoso with unfathomable touch and feel that gives the band it's southern bluesy edge.

An incredibly talented composer, he gives the cultured feel of 'Bonamassa' blended with the awesome 80’s riffs of 'Jake E Lee'.
Frontman Max Rhead could be the bastard love child of 'Coverdale' and 'Grohl' providing the swaggering aggression and passion that every classic rock band craves!

Always delivered with a wink and a smile, that compels an audience to come along for the ride!
Former Tigertailz drummer Matt Blakout gives the band it's gigantic powerful foundation with a 'Bonham'esk' sound and feel.

An obvious influence of 80’s American rock provides the drama and showmanship that Hangfire have become renowned for.
Bassist Bobby Goo draws on such diverse influences as 'The Bad Seeds' and 'Black Sabbath' to generate a sleezy, smouldering groove.

Like the unholy union of 'Nikki Sixx' and 'The Chilli Pepper’s Flea', Bobby drives the rhythm through the heart of the crowd.
The band’s performances on this album encapsulate an awesome fusion of light and shade – from the raw aggression of 'Bodies' and 'Shoot The Crow', the more melodic hook laden ‘For Crying Out Loud’ and ‘Faith In Me’ to the blues inspired 'Slip Away' and the sombre, heartfelt tribute to their fallen brother 'Dead Man Walking'.